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Restoration and museum

Novarch pioneers museum building design, crafting new-age structures to serve the masses. Our focus on well-designed services and integrated layouts ensures world-class aesthetics while preserving grandeur and engagement. Trust us to create immersive environments that elevate cultural experiences, blending innovation with timeless elegance in museum architecture.

Facade Redevelopment of Ghanta Ghar

Client : Nagar Niagam,Gorakhpur
Cost : 1.65 cr
State : Uttar Pradesh

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Ghanta Ghat Bareilly

Client : Bareilly Smart City Limited
Area : 1100 sq.m
Cost : 11 cr
State : Uttar Pradesh

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Vadnagar Archaeological Experiential

Client : Directorate of Archaeology and Museums,Gujarat
Area : 13,180 sq.m.
Cost : 97.3 Cr
State : Gujrat

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