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Novarch excels in research lab building design, adhering to international standards and best practices. Our focus on sustainability and energy efficiency ensures environmentally responsible solutions. Trust Novarch for innovative designs that foster collaboration, enhance productivity, and advance scientific endeavors while minimizing environmental impact.

Quality Control Lab, Spice Board of india

Project Name : Quality Control lab for spice Board of india
Dvelopment : 43000 sq ft
Site : 0.5 acre
Client : Spice Board of India

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Johnson Control - Hitachi Lab

Project Name : johnson control- hitachi lab
Dvelopment : 2,50,000sqft
Site : 8 acre
Client : Johnson Controls Hotachi

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Haldiram Worker Convenience Center

Project Name : haldiram Worker Convenience center
Dvelopment : 13000 sqft
Site : 5 acres
Client : Haldiram Group

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