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Raj Goel

Founder - Director

Mr. Raj Goel stands out as a distinguished Senior Structural Engineer (50+ years of experience), showcasing unparalleled expertise in both intricate RCC and steel designs, characterized by meticulous detailing. He is an experienced certified structural engineer, well versed and experienced with Designing roads, buildings, bridges incorporating earthquake safety norms and the latest structural engineering safety norms.
Currently also the Chairman of IEI (Institution of Engineers India, Bareilly), he adds a visionary leadership touch to the field. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mr. Goel passionately excels in sports as an ITF-ranked lawn tennis player in the 75+ age category, reflecting his commitment to both intellectual and physical pursuits.

Manju Goel is an IIT Roorkee Gold medallist architect. For more than 50 years in the profession, she embodies creativity, passion and meticulousness. Apart from leadership qualities, she has been an award-winning professional, a voracious speaker, writer and analytical thinker. A woman who has inspired many others.

Manju Goel

Founder - Director

Nishant Goel


Nishant Goel is an Experienced Architect and Urban designer with more than 25 years of work experience including International work experience. Meticulous to the core, His skills cover a wide range. Nishant’s attention to detail is uncanny, besides dynamic leadership qualities, a comforting personality and self assured nature. Being an avid sportsperson, he holds a cool head and a sharp mind. Nishant is also an India Team Lawn Tennis Player on the ITF Masters tennis tour.

Manu Goel is a distinguished senior Architect with a multifaced personality and a wide range of work spanning more than 25 years. Her skills lie in detailing, creative and out of box approach to design. Besides being an author of three books, a trailblazing urban farmer and a fervent advocate for sustainability she is also a sought after speaker at various forums and dedicated proponent of gender equality. Quick thinking, creative conceptual thinking, overall strategy are her strengths. She wears many hats and is a visionary leader.

Manu Goel


Senior Team

Kirti Gyanchandey

Senior Electrical Expert

50 Years of experience in the field of commercial and industrial electrical engineering. Expertise in various scales including electrical substation and distribution network design

Pushkar Sharma


Specialist Senior Expert and an experienced HVAC engineer, adeptly transforms challenges into innovations, ensuring optimal climate control solutions with precision and expertise.



Senior Accountant, Legal and tax consultant with 45+ years of industry experience.

jignesh sir

Chief Architect, Senior Associate Partner

Versatile and innovative, 25 years experience of handing projects of various scales. Special interest in Energy efficiency, on ground implementation, detailing and Real Estate projects.


Landscape & Horticulture Expert

Associate Landscape Expert with more than 20 years of experience in designing large scale campuses. Specialize in seamlessly blending nature and design, enriching spaces with local and sustainable Greens. Versatile in work


Anubhav Singh

Senior Project Architect

Sargam Agarwal

Senior Project Architect


Project Architect

Avikarsh Bhatnagar

Project Architect, Urban Designer





Nadeem Saifi


Aditya Singh

Project Architect

Structural Engineers

Shiva Gupta

Senior Structural Engineer

Chander Dhawan

Structural Engineer


Junior Civil Engineer

Mehboob Aalam

Senior MEP/ Civil Engineer

Sameer Ali

Civil Engineer

Sunil Kumar

Senior Engineer (Civil)

Project Managers

Devesh Chaturvedi

Civil Engineer

Paritosh Mittal

Procurement Expert

Mustafa Ali

Project Engineer

Support and Logistics



Sales & Marketing

Rajiv Sachdeva- New Projects

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