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Novarch specializes in religious building design, creating spaces imbued with positive energy and peace. Our designs feature well-planned services and warm, welcoming aesthetics. Trust Novarch to craft religious buildings that inspire spiritual connection and community cohesion, fostering a sense of belonging and tranquility for all who enter.

Ashram For Kripalu Maharaj

Client: Private Owner
Development: 20,000sqft
Site: 0.5 Acer
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Diocese Church Bareilly

Project Location : Church of North India
Development: 25,000sqft
Site : 2 Acre
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Iskcon Temple Dwarka

Client: Iskcon
Development: 10,000sqft
Site : 1 Acre
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Jagannath Temple Rohini

Client: Private Owner
Development: 10,000sqft
Site : 0.5 Acre
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